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The best saddles at cheaper prices with Equitack

All year Equitack offers with its used saddles for sale, the cheapest web prices for riding equipment. But beware it is not at the expense of product quality and your safety or that of your horse. To equip your horse for cheap, enjoy their offers.

Equitack and their offer

The ideal saddle must not only suit you, but it must also be suitable for your horse. Indeed, the size of the saddle tree will depend on the size of the withers, shoulders and back of your horse. So difficult to buy a saddle without taking into account the morphology of your horse.

We are often looking for a saddle and unless we know each other very well, we do not know that they are the best stool leather or manufacturing. Looking for a riding saddle that meets your needs. be it a bardette, a saddle Western, dressage, obstacles, mixed, Iberian, endurance or for hiking. Equitack offers them different colors, materials: leather, synthetic, etc ... They have selected major brands and offer them at the best prices.

Find a riding saddle for your budget

Buying a saddle is rarely done overnight. This is not an insignificant purchase especially due to its cost. Even if you want to buy the cheapest saddle possible, do not forget the price / quality ratio of the product. This is why setting a budget is very important when preparing to buy a saddle. Equitack can respond appropriately to this need, and will fit your budget perfectly.

Types of stool

  • Mixed saddle: this saddle is called "all purpose" because it can be used for any discipline or classic walk.

  • Saddle obstacle: it has advanced quarters that allow the rider to shorten the stirrups to adopt the position called "in balance".

  • Saddle Dressage: It has a deeper seat and more straight quarters than the mixed saddle, which allows the rider to have longer stirrups and thus more leg in contact with the horse.

  • Saddle western or hiking: Comfortable, solid, for lovers of hiking and riding western.

So, Equitack provides you with saddles at affordable prices. They also take into account custom saddles for your horse.

Horse riding

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