Why put a saddle to ride a horse ?

Some people have probably already tried to ride without the saddle and can testify to the different inconveniences they may have felt. Indeed, if the stools were manufactured, it is not to make the horses more beautiful but for other well-grounded and much more rational reasons. Of course, stools are not always affordable. If you still have any doubts about the use of this equipment, here are some explanations.

The reasons for the use of a horse saddle: for the human

What is more important than the life of the human who rides the horse? So the horse owner even if it is not directly for him should think about who is going to ride his horse. If you do not use a saddle, you endanger your life. Indeed, the use of this equipment has reasons relating to the safety, the well-being, the comfort and the health of the rider or rider. If you put yourself directly on the back of the horse, you can hurt your buttocks. There is also the risk of slipping at any time and therefore having accidents. Whether it is a new saddle or a used saddles, this equipment is always necessary.

The reasons for using a saddle on horseback: for the horse

Some people think that animals do not feel anything and that horses in particular are sturdy animals that can bear everything. Although he is an animal, he has the right to be well treated. If you ride without a saddle, you endanger your safety, your health and your comfort. It is therefore important to dress it with a saddle. However, you can not buy any used saddles on the market or in the shops. It takes equipment that adapts well to its size. If one neglects this detail, one risks to make him badly in his skin and to put him badly at ease. If one has the means, one can even offer it a saddle made to measure and made especially for him.

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